Connect with people looking for the ‘perfect smile’

Over 50% of adults under 35 have had cosmetic dentistry, and it’s on the rise


Let the people your target audience respects and listens to promote your service to blow up your follower numbers


How’s it work?

We select influencers based on their audience, how engaged their fans are, and how their audience overlaps with the people you’d like to target.
These influencer campaigns work closely with your existing online business strategy and can be combined with other digital marketing activities to unlock your brand’s potential and explode your follower numbers and, ultimately, your sales.

In short, on Instagram, the larger your reach, the more successful your brand

Sounds good?

What’s the next step?

Let me introduce our Head of Marketing…
Stephen Sharp is a digital marketer with over twenty-five years of hands-on experience in web marketing, strategy, PR, Social Media, and business growth.
He’s successfully run and sold a Top Ten Technology Marketing agency and, subsequently, ran a niche consultancy providing marketing expertise to companies from almost every sector.
Stephen is the next step.
He is offering a limited number of free consultations to discuss if influencer and celebrity marketing is the best option for your brand and what’s the next step.
Additionally, he’ll detail your monthly investment and why we believe this should be the first amount you spend on marketing each month as it will give you a return on investment like you’ve never seen before.

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