How we work

Streamlining Your Vision

We immerse ourselves in your business and values to craft a tailored strategy.

Unraveling the Market

We identify your target audience and study competitors to handpick the ideal influencers for you. 

Stress-Free Collaboration

We take charge of coordinating with influencers, while keeping you in the loop at every step. 

Maximizing Value

Together, we curate an 'influencer specific' menu to showcase your most 'instagramable' offerings.

Amplifying Your Story

All influencer content and our videographer's captures are seamlessly shared with you. 

Effortless Management

From content sharing to daily account upkeep, we handle it all based on your package preferences. 

Our Packages

Package 1

  • 2 influencer visits a month
  • Videographer 1x every 2 months

Package 3

  • Guaranteed 6 influencer visits per month
  • Cinematic Videographer 1x every 2 months
  • Daily Account Management

Power Of Influencers

Get your restaurant noticed!

Harness the power of influential voices to skyrocket your brand awareness, attract a flood of food-loving followers, and fill your tables with loyal customers. Elevate your restaurant’s success with our game-changing influencer partnerships. Don’t miss this chance to be the talk of the town!” 

Videography Services

Having videos on your social media is a must in today’s world.  

Videos have 3x more engagement Vs. Images 

We offer 2 tiers of videography services: 

  • Videographer Service:  A reliable and budget-friendly solution to capture the essence of your restaurant. Our Videographer will provide high-quality footage without breaking the bank. They will skilfully document your restaurant’s ambiance, culinary delights, and warm customer interactions, ensuring that your unique story is told with captivating content. 
  • Cinematic Videographer Service: Unleash the full potential of your restaurant with our high-quality cinematic videographer. Your restaurant is not just a place to eat; it’s an experience, and we’ll capture the full essence of this. Our highly skilled team are dedicated to crafting awe-inspiring visual masterpieces that will leave your audience captivated and hungry for more. 

Daily Account Management

Take away the stresses of managing your own account. We’ll take care of everything so you can focus on what’s important; creating enticing food and a great experience to your customers. 

We’ll handle everything from posting all content to daily engagement outreach and all comments! 

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Want to take your restaurant to new heights? Leverage the power of influencers to boost your online presence, captivate food enthusiasts, and turn them into loyal customers. Our game-changing influencer partnerships can make your restaurant the talk of the town. Seize this opportunity to shine!

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