Loop Marketing : This is how big brands are increasing their followers from 0 to 100K in less than 4 months

Play Social Loop Marketing featuring Charlotte Dawson
Play Social Loop Marketing featuring Charlotte Dawson

Loop Marketing

Have you ever seen your favourite Instagram celebrity post giveaway competitions from their IG account where they promise to giveaway luxury prizes to one or more lucky fans who will be selected using a lottery?

The rule to enter these giveaways is simple, everyone who wishes to enter must go to a host IG account and FOLLOW everyone the hosting account is following.

As you can imagine, these accounts that the hosting account is following can quickly get thousands of real followers almost overnight from a single celebrity. So, if you can somehow get added to this following list, you too will end up with thousands of extra followers.

The hosting account is the organizer of this giveaway which pays the celebrities to post, organizes the photoshoot, and pays for the expensive prizes. So clever business owners who want 100k followers in a matter of months pay the host to be included in these giveaway campaigns.

This is what we call loop marketing where brands get followers incrementally from every campaign. They can either stay in the loop indefinitely as they get regular followers or get out of the loop after their account has reached their target follower number. Clever technique, isn’t it?

Play Social “Loop Marketing”

The idea of loop marketing originated in the US. Play Social UK was the first marketing agency to bring loop marketing over to the UK in 2019 and since then it has become the industry leader.

How it works:

1. After you complete the booking process, Play Social will add your Instagram ID to @playsocialuk following list.

2. Celebrities you have booked will host a luxury car giveaway – In the UK this hasn’t been done for free (usually seen with raffle draws)

3. As part of the rules to win – they direct their fans to follow you in our following list, as the prize is huge, the attraction is high, so you start getting thousands of new followers for your brand.

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Play Social Loop marketing case study

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